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Marx si Engels, doi homosexuali care au distrus lumea. Bazele marxismului. Corespondenta din SUA de la Capitanul Julian Chitta

The Gay Communist ManifestoBazele marxismului          
de Julian Chitta
Dl Julian Chitta - Ziaristi OnlineIn anul 1983, revista homosexualilor din Brazilia, “Cabinhero”, care inseamna “baiat de cabina”, comemora 100 de ani de la moartea lui Karl Marx, cu o serie de articole extrem de socante. “Cabinhero”, ori baiat de cabina, era o functie de ucenic marinar pe multe din vasele trans-oceanice, supusa capriciilor capitanilor, a ofiterilor de punte, si a sefilor de echipaj. Aceste functii erau notorii pentru abuzul sexual brutal suferit de astfel de adolescenti care, in speranta de a deveni marinari, acceptau o viata in infern.
In primul plan, editorii revistei au definit lucrarile lui Marx drept extrem de semnificative pentru societatea moderna. In aceste articole se afirma ca opera lui Marx a fost cu mult mai “importanta decat cea a lui Iisus Hristos, afectand cu mult mai multi oameni”, calificand cuplul homosexual Karl Marx, (1818-1883) si Friedrich Engels, (1820-1895) drept cea mai ilustra pereche de “gay”, (homosexuali) care a trait vreodata.

Monday, March 13, 2017

State of the Union



Before President Trump delivers his biggest speech to date, he wants you to provide your input on the direction of our country.

He is taking the podium to voice your concerns, thoughts, and opinions about the state of our nation, and more importantly, to lay out a bold plan for our future as Americans.

Please take the STATE OF THE UNION SURVEY before 10PM EST TONIGHT to help shape the message of President Trump’s biggest speech yet.

President Trump ran for president because he couldn’t stand to see what was happening to the greatest country in the history of mankind.

You -- and millions of other hardworking citizens who love America -- agreed that our country was on the wrong path and banded together to form a movement the likes of which the world had never seen.

But our fight to save America didn’t end on election night. It’s just now getting started.

It’s time to show the country that our positive America First platform can truly Make America Great Again!

Please take the STATE OF THE UNION SURVEY before 10PM EST TONIGHT to help shape the message of President Trump’s biggest speech yet.



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Personal Liberty: Communism is alive and well

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Subj: Personal Liberty: Communism is alive and well

Communism is alive and well
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Latest From Bob Livingston February 20, 2017
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/c4eaa56e-234c-4a5e-9eee-72adb7852397/401755537/314955 Russian communism vs. American communism »
Russian communism gets the bad name because it has been used since World War II by the ruling oligarchy and their military industrial complex to keep the American people in constant fear and political manipulation. More importantly, Russian communism has been used as a decoy to keep the American people and the world from seeing American communism.  More »

Latest From GS Early
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/8bb65194-f9ef-4af3-93d1-ae7a2f373d34/401755537/314955 Dusk and darkness for the dollar? »
There's a trend that has been in place for a while now, and it's worth paying attention to. Central banks around the world are dumping their U.S. Treasuries at record levels. Let me take you back a little bit to the root of the problem.  More »

Insider Access
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/2fb266ff-012c-4ca1-8c12-ed90b8bfcecd/401755537/314955 Congress Approves $42.4 B "Cash Rebate" to 119 Million Americans

On December 18th 2015, Congress quietly signed a bill that gives 119 million eligible Americans the chance to collect on "consumer rebate checks" that could go anywhere from $1,230 to $12,900 for some people. There are no income requirements to collect. Full Details Here...

http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/97f00de3-4796-46dd-b78b-6ef500ead17e/401755537/314955 The DATE Gold Could Soar to $5,000

A new law in effect this March could deliver an unexpected shock to the markets. Banks are shifting their money into one single asset that could explode in value, even as everything else plummets. $3 TRILLION is set to change hands virtually overnight. Click here for full details.

Hot Topics
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/6c92acb7-caca-42a1-a2a2-948cad7da279/401755537/314955 Vaccines: Daniel Summers in WaPo says there’s nothing to debate. He’s wrong. »
In a recent Washington Post op-ed, pediatrician Daniel Summers argues that when it comes to the safety and efficacy of vaccines, there's nothing to debate. His central message is essentially: Shut up, stop asking questions, and just get your damn shots. Yet his own arguments illustrate why he's wrong, and why there is indeed a debate to be had. So why is he so afraid of having it? More »

Dome Watch
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/4be40c6b-43cb-4f9d-9232-5c23e8837a3f/401755537/314955 Did John McCain really get pranked? Does it matter? »
Late last week, news surfaced that a pair of Russian phone pranksters allegedly recorded Sen. John McCain discussing his desire to aggravate tensions with Russia.  More »

Power Of The State
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/3775f159-c22e-4a44-aa4e-5bf348d8f932/401755537/314955 Police body cams are becoming powerful surveillance state assets »
The addition of facial recognition and other artificial intelligence to police body cameras is making it easier for agencies to compile massive databases of Americans' biometric information.  More »

Crucial Facts
http://src.personalliberty.com/ego/c8ac6fdc-c96b-4edc-9782-752fd04c852d/401755537/314955 Is the Trump Bump about to turn into a stock market crash? Must see video alert.
The market has been on a wild ride since Donald Trump shocked the world by becoming the next U.S. President.

Free video shows what to expect next.
Read more on PersonalLiberty.com
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I need you to read this, Constantin

From: steve.forbes@nrtwcommittee.org
To: dacialan@aol.com
Sent: 2/11/2017 6:45:15 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: I need you to read this, Constantin

Dear Constantin,

It's vital the National Right to Work Committee hears from you today on this critical issue.

So please, read the letter below and take action at once.

Without the support of Americans like you, the fight for worker freedom would be near impossible.

Thank you for your support,

Steve Forbes
------Begin forwarded message------

Dear Constantin,

Right on cue.

The union bosses and their allies on Capitol Hill are hoping to maintain a four-four deadlock on the Supreme Court by filibustering Judge Gorsuch.

And at this time the votes are not there to break that filibuster.

Even before President Donald Trump announced Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, Big Labor's allies in the Senate were lining up to block him.

At least one Senator even pledged to filibuster any pick that was not Big Labor's lackey, Judge Merrick Garland.

It's clear Big Labor and their allies in the Senate know exactly what's at stake.

My staff has been hard at work on a strategy to defeat this potential stalemate brewing in the Senate. And I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

With Big Labor funneling billions of dollars each election cycle into the campaign coffers of their handpicked politicians, Gorsuch's confirmation would be a game-changer in the political landscape.

That's why I hope you'll read my letter detailing what you and I can do to overcome the crushing weight of Big Labor's coffers and confirm Judge Gorsuch.

You see, with Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, Big Labor's forced-dues empire could come crashing down as:

The Supreme Court can rule all public sector forced dues as incompatible with the First Amendment.

Until Judge Scalia's passing, most legal observers agreed that the Court was set to rule 5-4 in the Friedrichs case and declare civil servants cannot be forced to pay any dues or fees to unions as a condition of employment.

Cases similar to the Friedrichs case are already moving through lower courts, heading toward the U.S. Supreme Court with the real possibility of ending Big Labor's stranglehold on government workers and taxpayers. But they would be killed by the current 4-4 deadlock.
A string of federal and state lawsuits, in which union lawyers are somehow arguing that Big Labor is constitutionally entitled to a portion of every worker's paycheck, is already making its way through the courts.

And the final piece of Big Labor's master plan -- to use the "takings" clause to kill state Right to Work laws -- relies on keeping the current Supreme Court vacancy.
National Right to Work Foundation-won precedents that protect against many of forced unionism's worst abuses may be reinforced and expanded.

Foundation attorneys have now argued at the Supreme Court 17 times and won -- outright -- 9 major cases, including our Davenport (2008), Knox (2012) and Harris (2014) cases.

Big Labor's legal assault to roll back these protections against forced unionism abuses will hang in the balance.
None of these victories are possible unless Judge Neil Gorsuch is confirmed immediately to break the four-four deadlock.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Germany leads EU rebuke on Israeli land snatch

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Sent: 2/9/2017 3:32:14 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Germany leads EU rebuke on Israeli land snatch
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Juncker and Tusk to discuss Europe’s future and its citizens - Join EU leaders gathering in Florence for The State of the Union, 4-6th May 2017.

Germany leads EU rebuke on Israeli land snatch

TodayGermany and France have spoken out in strident terms against Israel’s plan to confiscate privately-owned Palestinian land by legalising settler outposts. Read on »

Balkan states to introduce more anti-migrant controls

TodayMinisters from 15 nations in Europe vowed to impose additional border controls along the Western Balkan route to further stem migratory flows from Greece. Read on »

'Sobering' poll finds European support for Trump's Muslim ban

TodayA Chatham House poll shows strong support in 10 EU member states for halting migration from Muslim countries, a move similar to US president Donald Trump's travel ban. Read on »

No anti-diesel attitude in EU consumers, says car industry

8. FebWestern European consumers have moved slightly away from buying diesel cars in 2016, but the Brussels-based car industry association does not think it is due to Dieselgate. Read on »

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Your priorities

From: contact@rnchq.com
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Sent: 1/9/2017 9:28:02 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Your priorities


In 10 days, your government will once again work for YOU.

Now that the House, the Senate, and the White House will ALL be under Republican control, it’s time for you to help prioritize the policies we’re going to pass in 2017 to Make America Great Again!

Inauguration Day is coming up fast, and I want to get to work the second I’m sworn in as your next president.

Please complete your 2017 Priorities Survey immediately. >>

I want to be sure that I’m starting my presidency fighting for you, and representing the issues you care about -- and that I’m doing it in the order you want.

From draining the swamp of corruption to repealing and replacing Obamacare, cutting regulations, reforming our broken tax system, building the wall, and reducing our trade deficit, there’s a lot we need to do to fix our country, but we have to prioritize.

I’m heading to Washington to make deals that benefit the American people, that bring back American jobs, that reignite American energy, and that strengthen America as a whole.

But I need you to tell me which specific policies you want me to pass as your champion in the White House.

Please complete the 2017 Priorities Survey registered in your name.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump

For you:

From: contact@email.donaldtrump.com
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Subj: For you:


This could be yours -- and embossed in your name.

Constantin Burlacu

Please activate your 2017 Inaugural Membership by making a one-time contribution of $250, $100, $65, $50, $35, $20, or $10.

Your membership will forever record the role you played on the first day of our new American government.

January 2017 will mark the day that America once again became a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.

And even before I’m officially sworn in as your president, I’m already starting to work for you.

We’re starting to bring your jobs back. We’re starting to strengthen our country. We’re starting to make America open for business again.

But what you’ve seen so far won’t even come close to what WE will accomplish by working TOGETHER over the next four years.

I know you’ll be watching our historic day unfold on January 20, but I hope you’ll also go the extra mile by becoming an Inaugural Member for the 2017 year.

Please activate your 2017 Inaugural Membership by making a one-time contribution of $250, $100, $65, $50, $35, $20, or $10.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump
President-Elect of the United States


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fwd: Stay in Touch in 2017

To: dacialan@aol.com
Sent: 12/23/2016 10:14:12 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Stay in Touch in 2017
News from Congressman Luke Messer

Stay in Touch in 2017

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season with family and friends.
As we approach the New Year, I'm reminded that big opportunities and big challenges lie ahead. This is an exciting time. As your voice in Congress, I'm ready to work with my fellow lawmakers and the next President to deliver results for the American people and for Hoosiers in the 6th District. 
Your input as we tackle these issues is critical, so please stay in touch in 2017. I have a new office at the Capitol, and can now be reached at 1230 Longworth House Office Building, Washington D.C. 20515. My office phone number is the same– 202-225-3021.
You can also contact our offices in Muncie, Richmond and Shelbyville. Contact information for these offices is at the bottom of this email. You can also email me here
I welcome your ideas and thoughts on policy proposals, and am happy to answer questions or help you navigate the federal government. And if you are visiting our nation's capital, I would love to have you stop by or help you book a Capitol tour. 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in Congress. I look forward to hearing from you as we get to work in 2017.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours. 

Luke Messer

https://iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx?&cid=IN06LM&crop=13145.9853356.5266160.758633&report_id=&redirect=https://www.facebook.com/RepLukeMesser&redir_log=324154130811269 https://iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx?&cid=IN06LM&crop=13145.9853356.5266160.758633&report_id=&redirect=https://www.youtube.com/user/RepLukeMesser&redir_log=845277691652298 https://iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx?&cid=IN06LM&crop=13145.9853356.5266160.758633&report_id=&redirect=https://twitter.com/RepLukeMesser&redir_log=528129950005235
https://iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx?&cid=IN06LM&crop=13145.9853356.5266160.758633&report_id=&redirect=http://messer.house.gov/&redir_log=072900836438168EMAIL UPDATE
By subscribing to my email updates, you are authorizing me to send regular email updates from my office to your email account.


Washington DC
1230 Longworth
House Office Building
Washington, D. C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3021
Muncie Office
107 W. Charles St.
Muncie, IN  47305
Phone: (765) 747-5566
Fax: (765) 747-5586
Richmond Office
Richmond Municipal Building
50 North 5th Street
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: (765) 962-2883
Fax: (765) 962-3225
Shelbyville Office
2 Public Square
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone: (317) 421-0704
Toll Free: (855) 341-8196
Fax: (317) 421-0739

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Fwd: Thank you

From: contact@rnchq.com
Reply-to: email@gop.com
Sent: 12/22/2016 1:22:19 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Thank you

Constantin, they said we couldn’t do it.

But on November 8th, you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for and by the PEOPLE.

Now is the time to start uniting our country and putting America first again. President-elect Trump, myself, and your Republican majorities in the House and Senate pledge:

To work for you....
To fight for you…
To win for you…

And our hope is you will remain committed to our movement and make a special contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even $200 today.

During the campaign we were able to get our message to the voters and fight back against the liberal media because of your support, Constantin. And if we’re going to keep winning we need you in our corner.

In the months ahead we will face strong opposition to President-elect Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again and we will rely on your support to get our message to the American people.

Please renew your commitment to our movement today with a generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even $200.

Thank you for your unwavering support.


Mike Pence
Vice President-elect of the United States

Monday, November 14, 2016

Thank you

From: contact@email.donaldtrump.com
Reply-to: donations@donaldtrump.com
Sent: 11/9/2016 12:21:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Thank you


They said we could never do it.

But last night you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.

You fought like a winner, you defied all odds, and history will forever remember the role you played in taking our country back.

I never could’ve done it without you, Constantin. Your contributions, your sacrifices, and your unyielding commitment to our movement made last night possible!

Last night we learned that America is still a beacon of hope where the impossible is possible.

For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.

I REFUSE to accept that it can’t be done. This is the country that declared its independence, won two world wars, and landed a man on the moon. This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.
Now it’s time to start uniting our country and binding the wounds of our divided nation. I promise to be a president for ALL Americans. I will work for you. I will fight for you. And I will win for you.

You will soon remember what it’s like to win as an American.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jirinovski: „Moldovenii sunt români! Noi, ruşii, le-am dat numele de moldoveni, dar ei sunt români!”

Papa Francisc a sărutat mâinile jidanilor spurcati David Rockefeller , Henry Kissinger și John Rothschild


Partidul României Europene se solidarizeaza cu dacii liberi care vor să refaca DACIA lui Burebista

Veniți cu noi in Piața Universității, pe baricade.
Jandarmeria asta trebuie desființată, sefii ei trimiși in judecată, pentru agresarea unionistilor,  iar in locul ei sa se formeze GARDA NAȚIONALĂ!!!
Guvernul CIOLOS al lui Iohannis trebuie sa plece, impreuna cu neamțul și sa lase pe unioniști sa conducă DACOROMÂNIA NEMURITOARE pina la alegeri!!!!!

​presedinte fondator​

0722972522, tel:0214138434, geostroe@gmail.com
Fundația Academia DacoRomână ”TDC” - FADRTDC,
cu filiala Academia Zamolsiană ”Primii în timp” în Traian Ialomița;
Blocul Unitatea Națiunii - BUN
Partidul României Europene - P.R.E. va deveni Partidul Dacilor Liberi - D.L.
SC.Tempus DacoRomânia ComTerra SRL - Editura DacoRomână ”TDC”
www.partidulromanieieuropene. ro


0722972522, tel:0214138434, geostroe@gmail.com
Fundația Academia DacoRomână ”TDC” - FADRTDC,
cu filiala Academia Zamolsiană ”Primii în timp” în Traian Ialomița;
Blocul Unitatea Națiunii - BUN
Partidul României Europene - P.R.E. va deveni Partidul Dacilor Liberi - D.L.
SC.Tempus DacoRomânia ComTerra SRL - Editura DacoRomână ”TDC”